About us

about us

Stimulating Early Learning Experience

Destiny Bridge Academy is a Mixed Day & Boarding Primary and  Kindergarten School focused on early child development. We holistically apply STEM teaching methods in all our programs.

Our Kindergarten focuses on comprehensive early childhood development. Our teachers, facilities and programs are there to give a
happy, safe and curious childhood.


Our Motto

Nurture Dreams, Inspire Creativity & Excellence.

Aim to achieve

Our Vision

To provide a stimulating early learning experience that promotes each child’s creativity; social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Our Goals

Deliver quality mainstream and STEAM education.

Make DBA the best place to learn.

Deliver 100% PLE first grades

Core Objectives

To create a conducive environment for early childhood learning.

To promote self-discovery, exploration, creativity and curiosity toward learning.

Give pupils a solid foundation in STEAM education (Science, Technology,
Engineering Arts and Mathematics.)

To help pupils achieve the best PLE results and increase their opportunities
and choice for secondary school education.

Christian Values

Meet the Team

We boast in the team we have because of the love and care they put into what they do. Seeing the child grow and develop is at the heart of each of them.

D. Bukenya

Resident Director




Child Development


Child Development




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Take a trip through our activities and fun moments we hold dear. Experience these special moments with us.