Co-curricular activities at best are catalysts for developing motor skills in a child and thus guaranteeing well balanced growth, for a child, it’s another great opportunity to enjoy their fun activity.

Like a majority love to have a great time in the pool, yesterday, our children at  Destiny Bridge Academy, were extremely ecstatic throughout their amazing moment at the Kavumba recreation center

They were trained new swimming styles like: front craw, backstroke, butterfly, among others. These activities are always organized by the sports teacher and the school administration at large. This is what the head teacher had to say. “I am always fascinated by the passion, love and commitment our children have towards these extra activities at school besides the academics.’’ Jennie, one of the pupils says, “swimming is my favorite sport because I get to stretch my body, become more flexible and yes I always look forward to it.’’

The school however plans to start engaging in different levels of competitions, from regional, national to international due to the ability and passion recognized in each child.

Parents/guardians, Destiny Bridge Academy welcomes you all. Bring your child/children and let’s splash all the way with joy and happiness as we equip them with the knowledge and skills they need.